Nine Career Zappers

By John Robertson

Professionals are constantly looking to avoid these career “zappers”. Read and see if any of these behaviors are impacting your career in a negative way.

Today, everyone is looking for the secret to business success. Professionals read books, take training classes, ask questions, study others that are successful and strive to outperform themselves.

However, some behavior patterns can develop into bad habits and cause even the most seasoned and professional person to self-destruct.

Let’s take a look at some common behaviors that can put your career on the “skids”. As you read these 9 behaviors you may recognize some areas you will want to change to keep your career on track.

The following are ten danger signs that can trap you and may “zap” your career.

1. Over Confidence: While you need a healthy dose of self-confidence to carry you through those tough times you also need to keep your confidence and ego in balance.

Keeping your ego in check will prevent you from thinking you are more important than those around you and missing out on their good ideas and solutions.

2. Time abuse: You only have 24 hours a day. Use each one of them wisely. Guard against intruders such as non-important phone calls, emails and messages that do not specifically relate to your job. Also make sure you save some time for personal development and pleasures.

3. Procrastination: Write the words “Do It Now” on a 3X5 card and post it where you can see it often. Then follow the advice. Make that appointment now, make that phone call now, reply to that email now, see your customer now.

4. Failing to communicate: The most effective professionals spend 80% of their time listening and only 20% of their time talking. They then spend 80% of their talking time asking questions. How does your communication ratio stack up to this standard?

5. Short-Sightedness: Approach your problems and decisions with a long-term view in mind. Ask how what you do today will affect the organization 2 years, 5 years and 10 years from now. While this does not mean every decision you make will have that kind of impact far in the future, however it is a good way to verify your thinking.

6. Loose lips: While at one time they may have been responsible for sinking ships, today loose lips most likely will sink your career. Be care of what you put in emails and what you say to others. Many a person has regretted making a casual comment concerning their job or company.

7. Not keeping good records: Are you using a good contact management tool? If not consider starting today. A contact management tool will keep important information about peers, customers, and clients in one easy to access place.

8. Stunted growth: Never quit learning. Become a better person and reach higher levels of success by continuing to feed your mind.

9. Not Delegating Some of Your Workload: Today almost everyone is doing the job that just a few years ago was done by as many as two people or more. If you don’t delegate a portion of your work to others that are capable of doing the job, you can become overloaded and perhaps all of your other work will suffer. Take a look at your current workload, what can you pass on to someone else. Remember that delegating is not “work dumping” but transferring responsibility along with the authority and responsibility to get the task done. Don’t forget to give credit to the person you delegated the job

Never believe you are a complete final product. Keep improving your skills and knowledge. Be responsible for your future.

Take a listening course; listen to books on CD while traveling or in your leisure time. Pick up a book and read it, associate with other successful people.

For more information on how to provide training for your employees on how to be more effective and prevent these and other career “zappers” please contact John at www.TrainingConnections.ORG for information on “Leading to Results” training.

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